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snap your fingers

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnap your fingerssnap your fingersHBHATTENTIONto make a short sharp noise by moving one of your fingers quickly against your thumb, for example in order to get someone’s attention or to mark the beat of music snap
Examples from the Corpus
snap your fingersThose were the times when a hunter found out how good he was.. Granny snapped her fingers.One of the guys snaps his fingers, and the nearest workman veers in a sharp turn and sprints to his side.The nurse snapped her fingers, and they sprang into motion.Zak snapped his fingers even faster and started humming.He gave a royal snort, either of disappointment or relief, and snapped his fingers for another round of wine.Zak was nodding his mop of curls beside me and had begun snapping his fingers rather fast.When finished, each boy was to raise his hand and snap his fingers to be acknowledged.Those riverbeds could snap an axle as crisply as the way that Zervos snapped his fingers when he danced.
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