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snappersnap‧per /ˈsnæpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  HBFa type of fish that lives in warm seas, often used as food
Examples from the Corpus
snapperThere are lots of other restaurants to choose from offering grilled prawns and snapper, tuna and lobster.Kids bring out the natural father in me and I get a crinkly mouth every time I look at an ankle snapper.Trey Junkin, the Raiders' long snapper and special-teams player extraordinaire, was ejected in the second quarter.Nice try, but we like the pic our snapper took of you much better.Chrissie passed Bodie a polythene snapper bag, then left the room again.I made her favorite red snapper with tomato sauce.Which, it should not surprise us, catalog not a few snapshots of red snappers.She would be that red snapper.
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