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snappysnap‧py /ˈsnæpi/ adjective  1 REMEMBERa snappy title or phrase is short, clear, and often funny We need a snappy title for the book. Keep your answer short and snappy.2 BAD-TEMPERED especially British English quick to react in an angry way syn irritable She seemed snappy and impatient.snappy with There’s no need to be so snappy with the children.3 make it snappy4 British English informalDCC snappy clothes, objects etc are attractive and fashionable a snappy suitsnappy dresser (=someone who wears fashionable clothes)snappily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
snappyPeople got snappy, and nothing could compensate for the lack of leave.Under other circumstances I'd have had a snappy answer for her.Fashion editors love her snappy, colorful designs.But no snappy dialogue can overcome the lack of respect with which Smith treats the character of Alyssa.Can you think of a new snappy name for our club?Don't just give that page a simple title such as Locations, or a snappy one like Jumping off points.I was amazed at how snappy our practices were last week.We need to come up with a snappier slogan.This talented five-piece pours a sweet and sultry mix of original torch melodies with a twist of crisp and snappy swing sounds.snappy dresserAlec Llewellyn nodded seriously at me as he walked off in his blue overalls, Alec, that snappy dresser.But although a snappy dresser himself, he didn't actually buy anything.
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