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snapshotsnap‧shot /ˈsnæpʃɒt $ -ʃɑːt/ noun [countable]  1 TCPa photograph taken quickly and often not very skilfully syn snapsnapshot of a snapshot of his girlfriend2 SUMMARIZEa piece of information that quickly gives you an idea of what the situation is like at a particular timesnapshot of The book gives us a snapshot of life in the Middle Ages.
Examples from the Corpus
snapshotIt is a snapshot at one point in time and is therefore only relevant to that point in time.Trends, like snapshots, need to be based on good evidence.Every basketball season is a series of snapshots.This was the conclusion of a 72-hour period that gave us the perfect snapshot of these Rockets.Britain is a country in crisis, and this recent snapshot of life here proves it.I sent some snapshots of the kids.He occasionally takes snapshots with a simple camera.Leonard said he could not believe the photographers' testimony that they had forgotten all about the snapshots until recently.snapshot ofThe survey results give us a snapshot of employees' opinions of the new training program.
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