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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnazzysnaz‧zy /ˈsnæzi/ adjective informal  SMART/WELL-DRESSEDbright, fashionable, and attractive a snazzy red jacketsnazzily adverbsnazziness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
snazzyOur villa is right above another swimming pool and is pretty snazzy.Dale spun around the dance floor in a snazzy blue suit.A gentleman gave us a ride in his snazzy car.Recent shows at Ronnie Scott's saw blistering fretwork augmented by some snazzy digital sounds.I love those snazzy little silk dresses.a snazzy new carThe bass, taught and heavy, resonates with the artful, snazzy percussion.From a writer who edited Elle in its snazziest phase you would have expected more nous.Menswear is for hire and their waistcoat range comes in snazzy silks and satins.There was a lovely picture of him on telly last night peering woefully over the fence dressed in snazzy suit.There were racks and racks of snazzy swimming trunks.
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