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sneak a look/glance/peek

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsneak a look/glance/peeksneak a look/glance/peekLOOK ATto look at something quickly and secretly, especially something that you are not supposed to see He sneaked a look at her. sneak
Examples from the Corpus
sneak a look/glance/peekMen sneak looks all the time!Only the men would sneak glances at her, admiring the shapely figure showing in the plain uniform.I sneaked a look at my medical report; slow heartbeat, low metabolism.The chairman sneaks a look at some of the messages on Doreen's card.Occasionally they sneak glances at the businessmen -- who look back at them in mutual amazement and fear.Just before we left, I raised up to straighten my coat and sneaked a look at the McLaren girl.Babur sneaks a look at the policewoman.I sneaked a look behind as we went off in a cloud of dust.
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