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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsneakysneak‧y /ˈsniːki/ ●○○ adjective  DISHONESTdoing things in a secret and often dishonest or unfair way syn underhand a sneaky little tricksee thesaurus at dishonestsneakily adverbsneakiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sneakyThe biggest problem with sanctions: people are sneaky.Watch out for Andy. He can be really sneaky.But he was both obstructionist and very, very sneaky.So maybe he already had the rundown on me when he gave me that sexy sneaky grin that day.You never know what's going on in that sneaky mind of his.It's a sneaky move designed to reduce the company's tax bill.Snake is a notorious bank robber who, unlike his reptilian namesake, is far from sneaky or subtle.As the bowlers work on it, the scar becomes deeper and wider with every sneaky scratch altering the aerodynamics.I also felt a small, sneaky sense of my own power over him.You call those sneaky, underhand tactics coming to my aid?He stopped to watch for a moment, quietly moving foliage for a sneaky view.
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