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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnippetsnip‧pet /ˈsnɪpɪt/ noun [countable]  INFORMATIONa small piece of news, information, or conversation syn bitsnippet of snippets of information
Examples from the Corpus
snippetA snippet of tape showing scattered flames in the dark ran over and over.In a bar one could be reasonably circumspect, casually checking the door between sips of cocktails and snippets of conversation.Dominic has always had a flair for appropriating snippets of verbiage.It also provided a few snippets of absurd press.The book includes historical snippets and essays from longtime Tucson residents.He started a scrapbook of snippets from John Locke and other admired mentors.The call was recorded on the individual customer Record Card, together with any useful snippets of information.An actress cornered her with snippets of information about herself which she hoped Rain would publish.snippet ofa few snippets of conversation
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