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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnobberysnob‧be‧ry /ˈsnɒbəri $ ˈsnɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  PROUDbehaviour or attitudes which show that you think you are better than other people, because you belong to a higher social class or know much more than they do – used to show disapproval intellectual snobbery inverted snobbery
Examples from the Corpus
snobberyAnother Bloomsbury hallmark was witty conversation and upper-class snobbery, which has made Bloomsbury reviled in some circles.You mean we could have just sat on the couch and watched reruns to get the same level of cultural snobbery?Polls suggest that cultural snobbery is largely confined to intellectuals.This thought now struck him as too simple and certainly unpleasant in its snobbery, and he tore it up.One supposes that sort of snobbery is behind us.That seemed to me to be daft, bordering on snobbery.Was this snobbery or some more mundane consideration of copyright?There was snobbery, and attitudes formed by social and educational background.
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