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snooker/billiard/ping-pong etc table

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnooker/billiard/ping-pong etc tablesnooker/billiard/ping-pong etc tablea special table for playing a particular indoor sport or game on table
Examples from the Corpus
snooker/billiard/ping-pong etc tableThe room was bare except for a ping-pong table on folding trestle legs.And time is measured out by the di-dock, di-dock of a Ping-pong table.By the production line stand basketball nets and ping-pong tables for use during breaks.In front of the platform stood a pair of billiard tables, as shown overleaf.Leaning against the Ping-Pong table, he picked up the stethoscope and felt its peculiar rubbery tubes.The youth leader conveyed her thanks for the re-covering of the snooker table.Gretel, looking half awake, was standing on the other side of the Ping-Pong table.She slashed wildly at the ball with the edge of the bat, and the ball bounced under the snooker table.
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