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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnorkelsnor‧kel /ˈsnɔːkəl $ ˈsnɔːr-/ noun [countable]  divers_mask.jpg DSSa tube that allows someone who is swimming to breathe air under water This is the best snorkel at that price.
Examples from the Corpus
snorkelA hired mask and a snorkel is all that is needed to experience a busy underwater world.The jeep was fitted with a snorkel so that it could cross the streams and rivers encountered on the way.The V-weapons, jet-propelled aircraft, and snorkel submarines were bad enough.We sat on the Göcek waterfront, sweating in a toppling mound of guitars and snorkels.There are opportunities to hike, snorkel, whale watch, bird watch and photograph.Cassius heard the fisherman blow the water from his snorkel.When are you gon na snorkel with us, mon?Coral reefs and tropical fish abound for those who like to snorkel.
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