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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnotsnot /snɒt $ snɑːt/ noun informal  1 [uncountable]HBHLIQUID an impolite word for the thick mucus (=liquid) produced in your nose2 [singular]PROUD someone who is snotty the little snot
Examples from the Corpus
snotI think I cried about ten minutes in great sobbing bursts of noise, tears, and snot.Carolyn lifted her head sightlessly, tears and snot streaming down her face.Pressed against me, the women stitched, blew snot out of their noses, spat and belched.In fact they would declare that no man worth his snot would sign up for welfare.When I got to my feet I wiped a mixture of snot and blood from my nose and looked around.Long strands of snot were hanging from her nose.After which Sal and I could take him outside and beat the snot out of him.
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