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snow-whiteˌsnow-ˈwhite adjective  CCpure white
Examples from the Corpus
snow-whiteThe impact was so severe it left a small, black crater in the snow-white cornfield in rural Ida.There were two snow-white cotton ditty bags inside with their tie strings done in dainty bows.I had hardly remembered the most obvious and striking spectacle of the myriad snow-white flowers now staring me in the face.Bold clumps of fresh green arrow-shaped foliage and symmetrical spires of snow-white flowers.Her shoeless feet contrast with her perfectly kept snow-white hair and color-coordinated blouse and shorts.The little tern's numbers have been threatened since Victorian times when it was hunted for its snow-white plumage.Henry brushed and spat into the basin, noticing the blood darken the snow-white saliva.A plastic Santa was sledging across the snow-white surface of a cake.
Snow WhiteˌSnow ˈWhite  the main character in a fairy tale called Snow White, who is a beautiful princess who has a jealous stepmother. The stepmother owns a magic mirror which she asks ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ The mirror always answers that she is the most beautiful, until one day it says ‘Snow White’ instead. The stepmother is very angry and sends Snow White into the forest to be killed. Snow White does not die, but goes to live with seven dwarfs (=imaginary creatures like very small men). Her stepmother tries to kill her with a poisoned apple, but instead of dying she goes to sleep until a prince kisses her and wakes her. Seven Dwarfs, the
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