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snowdriftsnow‧drift /ˈsnəʊˌdrɪft $ ˈsnoʊ-/ noun [countable]  DNa deep mass of snow formed by the wind
Examples from the Corpus
snowdriftThey usually manage to survive a day or so buried in a snowdrift.In the cloak-room Mrs Frizzell stood in a whirl of used paper towels, like a panting snowshoe hare in a snowdrift.I come back with an armful of dead birch to find Tony digging films out of a snowdrift near the tent.Later, we carried steaming hot water through the Buffalo snowdrifts to thaw our chickens' wafer bucket.In some places, snowdrifts covered doors and windows so completely that people had to be dug out by more fortunate neighbors.They came to a large square, dazzling white from swirling snowdrifts.I take the baboon's shaving foam and we make all the snowdrifts and then we start sculpting them into snow people.Yes, the snowdrifts here are impossible.
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