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snowfallsnow‧fall /ˈsnəʊfɔːl $ ˈsnoʊfɒːl/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DNTMan occasion when snow falls from the sky, or the amount that falls in a particular period of time Heavy snowfalls are forecast. an average snowfall of eight inches a year
Examples from the Corpus
snowfallthe first snowfall of the seasonIn the exceptionally heavy snowfalls of 1940 and 1981, several trams were stranded and the service suspended for several days.This occurs in cold climates that have heavy snowfalls during the winter.There were heavy snowfalls in areas which never expect to see such wintry conditions.A light snowfall was just beginning, and Jasper looked like wonder itself with snowflakes in his hair.There was very little snowfall last year.The moist snowfall had changed into rain.He says the variable pattern of snowfall does more to affect the figures than anything else.The Washington-area appeared to have the most trouble recovering from the snowfall, its heaviest since 1979.
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