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snowmansnow‧man /ˈsnəʊmæn $ ˈsnoʊ-/ ●○○ noun (plural snowmen /-men/) [countable]  DGOa simple figure of a person made of snow, made especially by children
Examples from the Corpus
snowmanJob security is as impermanent as a snowman made after a blizzard Healthy skepticism is a good thing.When she's tired of this she generally begs me to make her a snowman.He says will you show him how to make a snowman?By one path was the remains of a snowman.And so ostensibly are the greatest cardinal number and the abominable snowman.It began this year when Dad made those wooden cut-out figures, the snowman and the presents.So I just made the snowman.Police called to the neighborhood told Newport that though the snowman was legal, it was upsetting others on the block.
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