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so long

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishso longso longspoken especially American EnglishGOODBYE goodbye long
Examples from the Corpus
so longAs we look at this reply, it is clear why psychotherapy often takes so long.They also maintained that it would be impossible to hold fair trials so long after the alleged crimes had been committed.The reality was long ago - oh so long ago!All those words he had hoarded for so long and released so grudgingly.Just so long as there are decent shows either side of it.To wait so long for a clean cup of water was beyond me."So long, '' he said. "Don't forget to write.''She grabbed Nick by the shoulders and hugged him affectionately. "So long, Nick.''Things were going on for so long that I thought he would stay here and things would be settled.Dunn's mouth was open so long that it dried inside and he could not swallow or salivate.
so long!so long!American English spokenGOODBYE used to say goodbye so
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