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so (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishso (that)so (that)a) CAUSEin order to make something happen, make something possible etc He lowered his voice so Doris couldn’t hear. Why don’t you start out early so that you don’t have to hurry? b) RESULTused to say that something happens or is true as a result of the situation you have just stated There are no buses, so you’ll have to walk. The gravestones were covered with moss, so that it was impossible to read the names on them. so
Examples from the Corpus
so (that)The ropes got twisted, so I couldn't climb down again.Prune the tree at a young age so that it will have a strong central trunk.She's studying English at night school so that she can go to university.Steps must be taken so that this kind of disaster never happens again.We've planned a variety of activities, so there'll be something for everyone.I'll move my car so you can get into the garage.
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