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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoakedsoaked /səʊkt $ soʊkt/ adjective  1 WETvery wet or wearing very wet clothes syn drenched I was soaked and very cold. It was raining so hard we were quickly soaked through (=completely wet). He came in from the barn, soaked to the skin. Her shoes got soaked as she walked through the wet grass.blood-soaked/oil-soaked etc his blood-soaked clothessee thesaurus at wet2 be soaked in/with something
Examples from the Corpus
soakedGasping for breath, soaked and dishevelled, Duvall backed away from the doors.Lowering his denims to his knees, he winced as the blood soaked cloth pulled free from his wound.Don't leave the cushions in the garden. They'll get soaked if it rains.Your clothes are soaked. Leave them in front of the fire to dry.His plimsolls were now caked in heavy clods of wet earth and his jersey was already wet from his soaked mackintosh.Remove soaked parts, wipe and brush as needed.They were soaked right through to the skin and shivering in the cold.He ran out into the street, his soaked shoes splashing water over his trousers, muddying his coat.After a morning walk through the meadow, my shoes were completely soaked through.When the men came in from the storm, they were soaked to the skin.She shook blankets and soaked towels and hung out rugs and cleared rubbish and freshened wardrobes.Panting and soaked with sweat, Ron came running into the house.got soakedAll he cared about was booze, but he still got the job done before he got soaked.The experience was unbelievable and no one minded the part in which we all got soaked.Unfortunately the fireworks must have seeded the thick clouds overhead because it absolutely poured with rain, and we got soaked.He got soaked, and at the midnight ceremony wore a blue suit, blue shirt, blue tie.But he got soaked every day from the rain because he could not afford to buy an umbrella.
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