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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoakingsoak‧ing1 /ˈsəʊkɪŋ $ ˈsoʊ-/ (also soaking wet) adjective  WETvery wet a soaking wet towel
Examples from the Corpus
soakingThen on towards Amiens with the windscreen wipers going flip-flop as we drove past sodden barns and soaking cattle.Within minutes of being tossed out, the soaking fabrics became stiff boards.Replace the mushrooms in the soaking liquid in a medium pan and cook for 15 minutes until near-tender and fragrant.Overall labour requirement is minimised by the use of heat and chemical energy in the soaking process.The parts should then be rinsed clean in the soaking solution and then in clean hot water before reassembling.Remembering the phone, she went to fetch it, leaving a soaking trail across her carpet.Tom's shoes were soaking wet.
soakingsoaking2 noun [countable]  if someone or something gets a soaking, they get very wet
Examples from the Corpus
soakingAt this rate it was more than an airing it was getting, it was a soaking.Yanto's already wet head and shoulders received another soaking as it hit the water.We all got a good soaking on the water slides.They take eighteen hours all told, including the overnight soaking.Liquid formulations are also produced for tank soaking of carbonised utensils.An example is the soaking of equipment in an attempt to reduce bacterial loading.The starch in her collar had gone limp with the soaking.Below his raincoat his trousers showed the damp, and his shoes were lustreless from their soaking.
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