Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: essorer, from Vulgar Latin exaurare, from Latin aura 'air'


soar [intransitive]

amounts/prices etc

to increase quickly to a high level [≠ plummet]:
Her temperature soared.
The price of petrol has soared in recent weeks.
soaring unemployment

in the sky

a) to fly, especially very high up in the sky, floating on air currents:
She watched the dove soar above the chestnut trees.
b) to go quickly upwards to a great height:
The ball soared to left field.


if your spirits (=the way you are feeling, for example happy, sad etc) or hopes soar, you begin to feel very happy or hopeful:
Adam's smile sent her spirits soaring.

look tall

[not in progressive] if buildings, trees, towers etc soar, they look very tall and impressive:
Here the cliffs soar a hundred feet above the sea.
a soaring skyscraper

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