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social housing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsocial housingˌsocial ˈhousing noun [uncountable] British English  houses or apartments that the local government provides, which can be rented for a small amount of money
Examples from the Corpus
social housingMDC's approach to housing development in its extended area acknowledges the need for social housing provision.Nearly all new social housing is now being built by housing associations.In the field of social housing, discrimination against nationals of other Member States will be out of the question.Since 1985-86 alone, total capital public expenditure on social housing provision has been £18.3 billion.There are constraining elements affecting the owner-occupied sector, and those impinging on social housing.For them, social housing remains a priority.The two construction projects chosen for study are both 50 unit social housing projects in Le Mans and Bolton.Republicans also scored exceptionally well among people living in the urban social housing projects.
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