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social/legal/political etc framework

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsocial/legal/political etc frameworksocial/legal/political etc frameworkSYSTEMthe structure of a society, a legal or political system etc We have to act within the existing legal framework. framework
Examples from the Corpus
social/legal/political etc frameworkWhat is the point of a legal framework if companies can not get a court injunction to stop illegal strike action?He tries to provide for reform within a political framework and he introduces consensus, as a social control variable.It summarises geological knowledge of metalliferous mineralisation, reviews current and past exploration, and describes its administrative and legal framework.In the twelfth century the canon lawyers devised an elaborate, and comparatively humane, legal framework for poor relief.No legal framework prevails to enable disabled people to counteract discrimination, unfair employment practices, problems of access, etc.Some relate to the present legal framework.The simplified and more rational legal framework that it introduced is unified by some powerful principles that speak to those issues.But he accepted the social framework of his day and the status and role of women within it.
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