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social/personal/sex etc life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsocial/personal/sex etc lifesocial/personal/sex etc lifeLIFEthe activities in your life relating to your friends, your family, sex etc I don’t need advice about my love life. traditional views of family life Children need a caring and happy home life. life
Examples from the Corpus
social/personal/sex etc lifeShe didn't have many friends and not much of a social life.He frequently attempted to deflect criticism of his administration and personal life by characterizing such allegations as the product of white racism.The next programme started - an analysis of political and social life in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.Full of character, Paxos has an easy social life, ideal for people on holiday by themselves.He considered her sound as a bell in most ways, apart from this mad preoccupation with Nicandra's social life.He would state all these things and would add that Citizen Oswald takes no part in the social life of the shop.The social life of the island was in disarray.They are active shoppers and visibly social, using their social life to forward their careers.
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