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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsocietalso‧ci‧e‧tal /səˈsaɪətl/ adjective  SOCIETYrelating to a particular society societal attitudes
Examples from the Corpus
societalIncreasingly, we are seeing all sorts of societal activities migrate into cyberspace.Just as individuals need to forget jobs and look for the work that needs doing, so do societal agencies and institutions.It may not be happening fast enough, but the winds of societal change take a while to get up to speed.societal changesFor them the key to societal continuity is conformity due to learnt rules of conduct.It allows the study of a rapid societal development limited in time and space within very narrow boundaries.The transition to a world without jobs is going to take place on both the individual and the societal levels.Some legislators feel such deep loyalty to particular group or societal norms that they seldom experience seriously conflicting pressures.From the societal point of view, the public interest theory presents an ideal.
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