Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: société, from Latin societas, from socius; SOCIAL1


Related topics: Society, Sociology, Organizations
so‧ci‧e‧ty S1 W1 plural societies

people in general

[uncountable] people in general, considered in relation to the laws, organizations etc that make it possible for them to live together:
technology and its effects on modern society
Children are the most vulnerable members of society.

a particular group

[uncountable and countable]SS a particular large group of people who share laws, organizations, customs etc:
Britain is now a multi-racial society.
the capitalist societies of the West
the conservative segment of American society


[countable]SSO an organization or club with members who share similar interests, aims etc:
the university film society
the American Cancer Society
society of
the Society of Black Lawyers

upper class

[uncountable] the fashionable group of people who are rich and powerful:
a society wedding
high society (=the richest, most fashionable etc people)

being with people

[uncountable] formal when you are together with other people
society of
Holidays are a time to enjoy the society of your family.

polite society

middle or upper class people who behave correctly in social situations
in polite society (=among middle or upper class people)
The subject was rarely mentioned in polite society.

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