Sense: 1-2,4
Date: 1600-1700
Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language.
Sense: 3
Date: 1900-2000
Origin: sock 'windsock'. sock away 1900-2000 From SOCK1


2 verb
sock2 [transitive]
1 informal to hit someone very hard, especially with your hand closed [= thump]:
He socked her in the face.
2 [usually passive] informal if someone is socked with something bad, they are suddenly affected by it
sock somebody with something
I got socked with a big car repair bill.

be socked in

American EnglishTT if an airport, road, or area is socked in, it is very difficult to see far and no one can travel because of bad fog, snow, or rain

sock it to somebody

old-fashioned to tell someone to do something in a direct and forceful way

sock something ↔ away

phrasal verb
American English to save money by putting it in a safe place:
Roger socked away more than $1 million a year.

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