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sodsod1 /sɒd $ sɑːd/ noun  1 [countable] British English informal not politeSTUPID/NOT SENSIBLEINSULT a very offensive word for someone, especially a man, who you think is stupid or annoyingGet up, you lazy sod!2 be a sod3 [countable usually singular] British English informal not politeSYMPATHIZE used to refer to a personThe poor sod's wife left him.You lucky sod!4 not give/care a sod5 [countable, uncountable]TASDLG a piece of earth or the layer of earth with grass and roots growing in it
Examples from the Corpus
sodSomehow I got distracted and forgot to fill up my truck with sod.
sodsod2 verb British English spoken not polite  1 sod it/that2 UNIMPORTANT[transitive only in imperative or infinitive] used to say rudely that something is not importantSod the job, I’m going home.3 sod off
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