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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoddensod‧den /ˈsɒdn $ ˈsɑːdn/ adjective  WETvery wet and heavy sodden clothes The earth was sodden.rain-sodden/water-sodden rain-sodden hairsee thesaurus at wet
Examples from the Corpus
soddenMary tried to read the writing in her sodden address book, but it was impossible.His shoes were sodden and covered with mud.Under any circumstances the track would be challenging, but intermittent rains have left the turf and red clay sodden and slick.The sodden earth can take no more.I trudged across the sodden grass.the sodden groundThis dark, sodden morning in December she is hoping for a good practice.Tall, brown grasses rise from sodden soil, whipped by the winter wind.They had to pass round bin liners so that people could throw in their sodden tissues.Mike's potato was sodden with sour cream and butter.
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