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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoftiesoft‧ie, softy /ˈsɒfti $ ˈsɒːf-/ noun [countable]  SYMPATHIZEsomeone who is easily affected by feelings of pity or sympathy, or who is easily persuaded He’s a real softie.
Examples from the Corpus
softieSuch a big strong bloke, and such a softie.Some New Age softie who babbled about using the right side of his or her brain.The white stubble on his fleshless jaw was a reproach to my twenty-four years and suddenly I felt an inadequate city-bred softie.The Baden Powell boys say we're no softies.Robinson, an old softie, asked if Gruoch loved Macbeth.How could you take an old softie like Henry and twist him around-your finger that way?
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