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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoggysog‧gy /ˈsɒɡi $ ˈsɑːɡi/ adjective  WETunpleasantly wet and soft The ground was soggy from the rain. The sandwiches have gone all soggy.see thesaurus at soft, wet
Examples from the Corpus
soggyBreakfast was terrible - the eggs were burnt and the toast was soggy.A second entry and exit gate was available, but the soggy conditions would have rendered it useless within minutes.Rainy days could mean exposed roots, soggy fields, or plows that drowned in the mud and muck.At the time our soggy mission was a singleminded search for a classic Vienna coffeehouse.Rick couldn't face another picnic lunch on a soggy paper plate.A soggy pile of old leaves lay in the corner of the yard.These cornflakes get soggy really fast in milk.Showers spray everywhere, creating soggy toilet paper and slippery floors.I forgot my wetness, my dripping jeans, the soggy waterlogged ground.She furiously grasped hold of a clump of soggy weed and after more slipping and sliding finally managed to heave herself out.It is not a thought soggy with the milk of human kindness.gone ... soggyHis corn flakes had probably gone soggy at breakfast too.
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