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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishSohoSo‧ho /ˈsəʊhəʊ/  an area in central London famous for its sex shops and gay bars, and also as a place where there are many shops and restaurants selling foreign food, especially Chinese and Italian food
Related topics: Computers
SoHoSo·Ho /ˈsʊhʊ/  TDan area of Manhattan, New York City, south of Houston Street, where there are many art galleries (gallery), restaurants, and small fashionable shops
Related topics: Computers
SOHOSOHO /ˈsəʊhəʊ $ ˈsoʊhoʊ/ noun [countable]  (small office/home office) a room in someone’s house with electronic equipment such as a computer and a fax machine, that is used as a place in which to work
From Longman Business DictionarySOHOSOHO /ˈsəʊhəʊˈsoʊhoʊ/ abbreviation for SMALL OFFICE/ HOME OFFICE

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