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solar plexus

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solar plexussolar plex‧us /ˌsəʊlə ˈpleksəs $ ˌsoʊlər-/ noun [singular]  HBHthe front part of your body just below your ribs a blow to the solar plexus
Examples from the Corpus
solar plexusA drop of juniper can also be rubbed into your forearms and solar plexus.It was like a jagged knife, jerking in her solar plexus.When I finally saw his face, the muscles surrounding my solar plexus contracted fiercely with the shock of recognition.You go crazy with the frustration and throw a bad punch and take his counter in your mouth or solar plexus.You could then lean back and pick up the front foot, thrusting it straight into the opponent's solar plexus.He began to work on the body, aiming for the solar plexus all the time.Had the batsman not ducked, the ball might have struck him in the solar plexus.The impact of that failure must have been like a fierce left hook in the solar plexus.
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