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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolemnityso‧lem‧ni‧ty /səˈlemnəti/ noun  1 [uncountable]SERIOUS PERSON the quality of being serious in behaviour or manner the solemnity of a great religious occasion2 solemnities
Examples from the Corpus
solemnityThere was once astonishment, even savagery in his stories; now there was a gentle solemnity.This was a movie that many people took with grave solemnity, Stone most of all.His solemnity contrasts with the calculating bustle of Ezra Cohen.About this time, there was a family funeral - with all the mock solemnity and grandeur of a cockney day out.Television has contributed to the steady decline of solemnity in the courtroom.All around them the solemnity of other faces in mourning.The solemnity was heightened at the actual times of worship by the colourful splendour of clerical pomp.An exception to this solemnity comes when Mr Raban breaks his own rule and allows stowaways on board.
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