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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolidityso‧lid‧i‧ty /səˈlɪdəti/ noun [uncountable]  1 HARDSTRONG OBJECTthe strength or hardness of something the solidity of the stone walls2 DEPEND ON/RELY ONthe quality of something that is permanent and can be depended on the solidity of middle-class institutions
Examples from the Corpus
solidityThe forwards had a genuine hardness and solidity about them, a welcome sight after the pathetic shaven-headed posturing of recent years.With Gibbons, he wrote, oak had given way to limewood and earthbound solidity to feats of impossible lightness.Further, in its geometrical solidity, what is physical is the unique occupant of its space.the massive solidity of his musclesMaybe it is radar, coming back to confirm the solidity of objects around us.The contrast sets up a shimmer that destabilizes the solidity of the subject.So, giving reasons for our thoughts and actions does not perhaps have the solidity and universality that we might believe.It is legitimate to speculate about the Devil as long as we do not assume that our speculations have the solidity of holy writ.These data confirm the underlying solidity of the labor market.
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