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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolipsisticsol‧ip‧sis‧tic /ˌsɒləpˈsɪstɪk◂ $ ˌsɑːl-, ˌsoʊ-/ adjective  1 interested only in yourself and the things that affect you2 technical relating to the view in philosophy that only the self exists or can be known
Examples from the Corpus
solipsisticDi Rosa's view that art can change the world is perhaps solipsistic.If Gilbert Racy took little account of ecclesiastical structures, his attitude to secular ones was solipsistic.To Baddiel it was solipsistic and showed the limits of a diarist.At first I was brazenly happy, bullish with solipsistic joy; yet most of the time I was puzzlingly, naggingly unhappy.What a solipsistic lot those Big Chillies were, and how you itched to slap them out of their self-obsession.More authentic religious inspirations would challenge this schizoid and solipsistic stance.
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