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solvent abuse

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solvent abuseˈsolvent aˌbuse noun [uncountable] British English formal  MDDwhen someone breathes in gases from glues or similar substances in order to get a pleasant feeling, especially when they become dependent on doing this syn glue-sniffing
Examples from the Corpus
solvent abuseAll adults need to learn about solvent abuse and to be aware that it could happen to their children.Drugs include any intoxicant other than alcohol therefore even solvent abuse and driving may be covered by this offence.So it's come to this; sitting in a hotel bar in New Orleans partaking in solvent abuse.It's become the leading cause of solvent abuse deaths.Social services say they're do all they can to make their charges aware of the dangers of solvent abuse.Our reporters uncovered a generation who have been sucked into a dark underworld of solvent abuse and hard drugs.All the indicators show that parental support helps young people come through solvent abuse quicker.
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