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some more

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsome moresome moreMORE/EXTRAan additional number or amount of something Would you like some more cake? some
Examples from the Corpus
some moreI think we still need to practice some more.It s going to take a bit of time for the factories to dole us out some more.We listened some more, and as the darkness closed in Stuart sat on my lap and snuggled closer.But ah, how I need some more engaging puzzle to occupy my mind today.Aaron will finally be earning some more money.And every so often a transvestite would swagger past, some more obvious than others.The home market might be worried about it, and some more people are looking toward clones than Apple product.Would you like some more pie?Yet there were other new ideas that jostled together in his brain for some more prominent recognition.Obviously, there are some more things for me to think about now.If the rice is still not cooked, add some more water.
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