3 determiner
some3 S1 W1
1 used to mean a person or thing, when you do not know or say exactly which:
There must be some reason for her behaviour.
Can you give me some idea of the cost?
some kind/type/form/sort of something
We can hopefully reach some kind of agreement.
2 informal used when you are talking about a person or thing that you do not know, remember, or understand, or when you think it does not matter:
Some guy called for you while you were gone.
some something or other/another
Just give him some excuse or other.
3 used to say that something was very good or very impressive:
That was some party last night!

some friend you are/some help she was etc

spoken used, especially when you are annoyed, to mean someone or something has disappointed you by not behaving in the way you think they should:
You won't lend me the money? Some friend you are!

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