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somebody’s cast of mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s cast of mindsomebody’s cast of mindformalAPPEARANCE the way that a person thinks and the type of opinions or mental abilities they have Mary was of a far less intellectual cast of mind. cast
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s cast of mindInterpreting the stories depends on the reader's own cast of mind.But does he have the right cast of mind for a post-cold-war world now in its second decade?It became a cast of mind, a framework for existence.It was rooted in a cast of mind raised to an ethic in the professions.Moreover, it raises an interesting question about the cast of mind of the government as a whole as it seeks re-election.Nor, if we are in civilised cast of mind, because we wish to become drunk.This cast of mind is easily recognizable as the outlook of the traditional ruling class.This cast of mind survived for decades.
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