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somebody’s countryman

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s countrymansomebody’s countrymansomeone from your own country syn compatriot It was two years since I’d seen any fellow countrymen. countryman
Examples from the Corpus
fellow countrymenReligion may affect employees' attitudes to their jobs and their relationships with expatriates and fellow countrymen.They were fortunately innocent of the fact that Monet charged them some 60 percent more than he charged his fellow countrymen.Wake up, my fellow countrymen.Their hostility was directed almost entirely against their fellow countrymen.Ideal for students wishing to spend their time at a different location away from their fellow countrymen.All the crew are buried at Stonefall cemetery, alongside many of their fellow countrymen.For generations the Sandovals, like millions of their fellow countrymen, had suffered from grinding poverty and deprivation.Prayer On Remembrance Sunday, ministers w ill be asking their congregations to remember their fellow countrymen who have died in war.
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