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somebody’s elders (and betters)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s elders (and betters)somebody’s elders (and betters)OLD/NOT YOUNGpeople who are older than you and who you should respect elder
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s elders (and betters)For our purposes it may be more helpful to use the idea of desire when assessing elders.He roused himself wearily to exchange greetings with the elders as they passed him, and went in to his foster-father.In this respect at least, the procedures reflected those of a lineage or tribal meeting of elders and shaikhs.Indeed, the absence of official elders was a source of wonder to visitors from systems run by a selected few.Some, like Monta o, believe to this day that the city killed their elders.The Oaks are the Elders of the Forest and the others are aware of it.The weary elders of the 1980s take revenge at last upon the hapless victims of the 1960s.
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