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somebody’s part in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s part in somethingsomebody’s part in somethingwhat a particular person did in an activity that was shared by several people, especially something bad He was imprisoned for six years for his part in the murder. part
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s part in somethingLarkin will definitely go to jail for his part in the robbery.Also problematic is the degree to which gender may be playing a part in the proletarianization process.Arnold has hinted to pals that Mona's friendship with David Mellor played at least some part in his marriage break-up.Clearly your own knowledge, experience and circumstances will all play a part in your decision.Grace Barber suffered from a heart condition but detectives believe the incident played a part in her death.If you care to listen and take part in our festivals, feel free.Joyce Allan and Fred Penfold will also take part in this meeting which will hopefully produce recommendations for our next Directorate meeting.Professional standards have traditionally played little part in the accounts of central government.They form both an act of submission and a daring gesture of taking part in the spiritual power alive within that place.
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