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somebody’s pride and joy

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s pride and joysomebody’s pride and joyPROUDa person or thing that someone is very proud of His garden is his pride and joy. pride
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s pride and joyChristina was an only child, her parents' pride and joy.The cottage was Anthea's pride and joy.Today, his pride and joy is more like a Corolla.The garden was my father's pride and joy, the real expression of his creativity.Todd's magnificent Rolls Royce had been his pride and joy for many years.We don't have any children, so Snowball is our pride and joy.Or if your pride and joy 80 inch needs new swivel hubs, these are readily available.Peter's pride and joy didn't look quite so pretty any more.Seven-year-old leukaemia sufferer Paul Hindle was dragged off his pride and joy when the gang pounced as he played with his pals.Taking pride and joy in my work had seemed just a dream to me once.The car was her and boyfriend Robert; s pride and joy.
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