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somebody’s sense of self

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s sense of selfsomebody’s sense of selfCHARACTER/PERSONALITYsomeone’s idea that they are a separate person, different from other people a child’s developing sense of self self
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s sense of selfHe was combative, preferred elegant excesses of language, and had developed a strong, up-front sense of self.Her sense of time may vanish, and her normal sense of self.I should know ... Friendships become easier for young women in later adolescence as they develop a clearer sense of self identity.In contrast, figures outside the high cultural sphere often consciously try to abandon their sense of self.It is only through a process of dynamic interaction that consciousness is achieved as a sense of self and other.My therapist tells me I have a problem with boundaries, I have no sense of self.One week he said I had no sense of self.You need to go with the community and have a collective sense of self.
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