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somebody’s/something’s claim to fame

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody’s/something’s claim to famesomebody’s/something’s claim to fameFAMOUSa place or person’s claim to fame is the reason why they are famous – often used humorously to mention something that is not very important My main claim to fame is that I once shook Madonna’s hand. claim
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s/something’s claim to fameLane is a Broadway actor whose main claim to fame was his role as the voice of Timon in "The Lion King."But their true calling, and claim to fame, is medicine.His main claim to fame was that he made the Chiquita guitar that Billy Gibbons endorsed about ten, fifteen years ago.It's a small, ordinary little village, its only claim to fame the castle, and the burial mounds.It has no present claim to fame and its longest guidebook entry are the words in Domesday.On this fact rests Blackpool's claim to fame.That is his principal claim to fame.Unlike the chocolate of the film, this is the village's claim to fame.
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