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somebody/something has yet to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody/something has yet to do somethingsomebody/something has yet to do somethingformal used to say that someone has not done something, or that something has not happened when you think it should already have been done or have happened I have yet to hear Ray’s version of what happened. The bank has yet to respond to our letter. yet
Examples from the Corpus
somebody/something has yet to do somethingIf there is a success formula in that it has yet to be demonstrated.However, the site this year has yet to be determined.The savagery of our retaliation against the virus has yet to be played out.His work retained a pronounced individuality and originality that has yet to be properly acknowledged.Whether it allows the exercise of force to be more controlled and effective has yet to be seen.However, he said he has yet to consider his circumstances.Deion has yet to figure out how to throw to himself.Harland & Wolff has yet to show a profit, but the future looks good.
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