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somebody/something’s former self

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody/something’s former selfsomebody/something’s former selfBEFOREwhat someone or something was like before they were changed by age, illness, trouble etc She seems more like her former self.be a shadow/ghost of your former self (=be much less confident, healthy, energetic etc than you used to be) The team’s a shadow of its former self. former
Examples from the Corpus
somebody/something’s former selfA man once famed for his intolerance, xenophobia and irrational rages has become a husk of his former self.However, such plans would have required Melanie to want to preserve her former self.Over the last few months he had become rather withdrawn and mistrustful; a subdued version of his former self.Sharpness docks is now a shadow of it's former self.Stark had taken me to a place where I could shed my former selves and start anew.The 1984 Geyserville was a shell of its former self.The trees were dusty and muscular; zealous visions of their former selves.There he was with his cigar, a shadow of his former self.
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