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somebody tells me (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody tells me (that)somebody tells me (that)TELLused to say what someone has told you Mike tells me you’ve got a new job. tell
Examples from the Corpus
somebody tells me (that)Not in the violence, Tod tells me.He tells me calmly that he would like another bellini at the Hotel Excelsior on the Venice Lido.He comes back and tells me his bus is forty two.She just calls me up and tells me how cool I am or whatever for an hour or something.Something tells me I won't be seeing her for a while either.Rachel tells me not to go to a gay therapist.Hindsight tells me that I was looking for trouble, but-at the time I knew nothing about it.He always tells me what to see, what to read.Debbie tells me you're looking for a new job.
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