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somebody will/would/should etc go far

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody will/would/should etc go farsomebody will/would/should etc go farSUCCESSFULused to say that you think someone will be successful in the future He was the best student in his year, and everyone was sure he would go far. far
Examples from the Corpus
somebody will/would/should etc go farGhost: Oh, very droll, dear lad - you will go far.She'd been sure her daughter would go far.This will go far beyond pep talks and motivational speeches.And the effects would go far beyond the natural world.Whether the stadium logs another round of lease-backed debt will go far in determining the fate of other major capital-improvement projects here.A man of his abilities should go far in the Party.It remains to be seen whether such measures will go far to avoid a repetition of the basic abuses, however.Her decisions would go far toward shaping the postwar world.
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